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Upon making an appointment, each client receives a confirmation email from your tanning artist. This email will answer frequently asked questions as well as provide information how you can obtain the best tan of your life!

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Extend your tan.

Learn the insiders’ secrets to ensuring a perfect sunless tan. The best sunless tans come from well moisturized skin. But when to apply it and how often can make a big difference. Read below and you will find answers to the most common questions about airbrush spray tans.

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Sunless Tanning

Question: What is airbrush sunless tanning?
Answer: Sunless airbrush tanning provides an instant tan look without the skin encountering the damaging effects of UVA and UVB light. This sunless tan is possible by cosmetic bronzers (think foundation) as well as the ingredient DHA. DHA, which stands for Dihydroxyacetone, is the main ingredient that causes the top layer of your skin to change color. This is not a dye. Often it comes from plants like sugar cane and sugar beets or by fermenting glycerin (Wikipedia). DHA has been FDA approved since the 1970’s for cosmetic use. BronzedBerry is proud to use organic solutions and organic DHA. The solution is then customized for the client – we can add more cosmetic bronzers or increase the DHA for different effects. BronzedBerry uses a turbine, or HVLP airbrush machine specifically designed for tanning. Once the solution is in the gun we are ready to go and will have you in and out in 5-7 minutes. Some airbrush tanners pride themselves on the “2 minute” tan but we believe in order to ensure even color distribution and precision we would rather take more time with each client.



Question: How do you keep me from being orange or streaky?
Answer: Ingredients, application and professionalism. We know to apply our solution in a way that works with your individual skin tone. Our products and solutions are made in the USA with certified organic ingredients. We pride ourselves in the quality of our manufacturing. All of our Tanning Artists go through Tanning Artist University as well as study with a personal mentor before ever tanning clients. Each one owns there own equipment and rely’s on repeat clients for their livelihood. This means they care about their clients and want to provide you an outstanding tan. Our techniques and education provide our Tanning Artist with the knowledge necessary to provide and even, streak-free gorgeous glow.


Before My Tan

Question: How do I prepare my skin so I get the perfect Sunless tan?
Answer: Before Sunless Tan Application

  1. Shave – at least 24 hours prior to sunless application. Your pores need time to close before you apply tanner.
  2. Exfoliate – This is vital. Use a body scrub, many are available at local retail stores. Try one with sea salt.
  3. Do Not Moisturize – this may be hard for some of you. But your moisturizer can act as a barrier.
  4. No Perfume – try to avoid lathering or applying anything to your skin prior to tanning.


After My Tan

Question: How do I take care of my sunless tan?
Answer: After Care

  1. Let the solution dry completely before resuming activity. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes.
  2. DO NOT GET WET- not even your hands. You will need to stay as dry as possible, includes sweat, for as long as possible. Try and wait at least 5-7 hours.
  3. Wait as long as you can to shower. DHA can take up to 24 hours to fully activate but if you can wait 12 hours before showering or swiming you will be better off.
  4. When you shower avoid exfoliating your skin. The DHA has only penetrated the top layer so if you slough it off, you will erase your tan.
  5. MOISTURIZE – we cant emphasize this enough. Dryness is the main cause of early fading.
  6. Drink water, this hydrates you from the inside out.


What to Wear

Question: What do I wear?
Answer: Clothing/Bathing Suits

  1. Ladies- disposable thongs provided, a minimum requirement. A bathing suit or underwear can be worn also.
  2. Gentleman – bathing suit trunks or underwear must be worn.
  3. After your Sunless tan we advise that you wear loose fitting clothes, this help eliminate uneven lines caused by fabric rubbing on the skin.
  4. The solutions are washable so it shouldn’t stain your clothes. However we can’t guarantee this so please use your best judgement and dress appropriately.



Question: When Should I Shave?
Answer: Before Or After Sunless Tan Application

  1. Before – at least 24 hours prior to sunless application, your pores need time to close before you apply tanner. Do not shave the same day as your spray tanning session.
  2. After – it’s fine to shave in your first post-session shower. Once your tan has developed feel free to shave as normal, but make sure to use a clean and new razor to prevent stripping your new tan.

* If you shave too directly before your tan your open pores may collect extra solution. This may result in a speckled or uneven tan.


Manicures and Pedicures

Question: Mani/Pedi..When is a good time?
Answer: Before Spray Tan

During the process of manicures and pedicures often times the client is soaking their hands and feet in warm water…and worse than that they are having their legs scrubbed with an exfoliating treatment scrub. This is a huge no no. Never get a pedicure after you have received a spray tan..if you can avoid it. If you must please tell them not to scrub your legs at all. Opt for a polish change only if possible.

Question: Will The Tan Affect My Manicure or Pedicure?
Answer: Nope.

It’s true that without proper precaution acrylic or gel nails can become yellow after multiple spray tans. A true professional tanning artist knows how to protect your investment, we use barrier cream. If you have concerns please tell your artist. Usually yellowing of nails comes from prolonged use of self tanner without the use of barrier cream.


Pregnant Tanning

Question: Is It Safe To Spray Tan While Pregnant?
Answer: Yes, with BronzedBerry

We prefer you wait until you are in your second trimester. While there is no research to suggest any problems with spray tanning prior to that, most Doctors agree that limiting your exposure to anything new in your first trimester is a good thing.

That being said we are happy to declare that our solution is safe and non-toxic. We use certified organic ingredients, and the solution penetrates the top layer of skin. Our technique uses significantly less solution than many other competitors products.

Question: Is There Anything I Need To Be More Cautious About?
Answer: Yes, Inhaling Tanning Solution.

We tan each client in a mobile tent that is completely open in the front. This allows the client to breathe freely and have plenty of fresh oxygen. Unlike booth spray tans, you will not be forced to inhale tanning solution. Before we spray a client’s face, we give them time to close their eyes and hold their breath, approximately 3 seconds.

Some competitors’ solutions contain alcohol, lead and arsenic. It is important that you ask anyone tanning you about their solution. If they can’t show you a label with ingredients on it, we suggest you stay away.

* BronzedBerry is not offering health or medical advice. Please consult with your physician if you have questions.
Our answers are based on experience and current medical research available.


How long does a spray tan last?

Question: How long does a BronzedBerry Sunless Airbrush Tan last?
Answer: Up to one week

Spray tans only change the outermost layer of your skin. Generally most people will lose that outer layer of skin within 6 days. When that skin naturally sloughs off, so does your tan. You can minimize this by keeping hydrated. This means drink plenty of water and use a good lotion. Do not use oils. If you want to ensure your tan lasting the test of time, try incorporating our Tan-In-A-Can every couple days.