The Difference

Our company provides you with exceptional products, solution and equipment that are made right here in the USA. The professional tanning solutions and products we manufacture are outstanding, once you’ve tried them, you’ll be hooked. There are many companies that sell tanning solution but don’t be fooled not all organic is created equal.

Here are just a few things that set up apart from other companies

  • Ingredients – Not all organic is created equal. Our solutions and products are made in the USA, they are Vegan and Gluten Free. Our ingredients are listed on each product in the store. Check them out. We use certified organic ingredients, eccocert DHA and no fillers. We use European standards for manufacturing, which have higher regulations and standards than the US. If the EU has banned an ingredient it won’t be in our solution either. Our Artists health and the health of our clients are paramount. In fact we’ve been turned down by “other” sunless tanning manufacturing facilities because our ingredients are too high of a quality and they won’t stock them. Much of what is being bought on the market today that is labeled organic is filled with junk. Did you know that if you see the word fragrance on a label that their is zero limitations on how many or what ingredients make up that fragrance?!! So, many companies intentionally add chemicals to their fragrance in an effort to hide them from consumers because the FDA does not require fragrances to be listed. Rest assured, our fragrances are made with natural flower extract that we extract ourselves in safflower oil along with essential oils. Our products and solutions are some of the purest on the market, made with love. We dare you to compare!
  • Equipment – We exclusively sell Apollo Sprayers units, and routinely sell them for less than Amazon and Apollo themselves!  Our spray tan machines are made in USA and have exceptional customer service support direct from the manufacturer. This means that instead of replacing the entire unit, if an issue arrises usually a part can be replaced or unit fixed. This results in less money out of your pocket over the course of your career.   In fact, Amie’s (the founder and CEO) original unit is still going strong after 7 years!  Unlike competitors units that are made entirely out of plastic in China, once broken the entire unit and guns will need replacing.
  • Service – Our primary purpose to provide Artists with everything they need to run a successful business long term. We have dedicated staff whose sole job is to help existing Artists these include personal mentors for our Members and Artist Support Specialists. No other company is going to work with you on your business or answer questions regarding building clients, helping with mistakes or answering product questions for as little as $9.95 per month! You’d pay more than that just for a website listing on other sites.
  • Technology – Our website is mobile optimized and search engine friendly. Our Artists can purchase supplies, have clients sign digital waivers and take advantage of our search engine optimization and marketing.
  • Education – Many spray tan trainings consists of either a simple open book test, or in person training that can cost over $1,000.00. Our University is self paced but combines personal guidance with online training. Our Certification program consists of 4 online courses and 2 hours with your personal mentor. Our courses teach you how to spray tan but most importantly how to run your business and make money. It goes beyond the art of spray tanning. Once certified you’ll then be able to take advanced courses, like Teeth Whitening and Custom Blending so you can up your game and earn additional revenue. Check our our courses here.